Introducing Rails Rescues


Today I’m happy to introduce Rails Rescues.

Rails Rescues is a service representing years of Ruby on Rails experience organized to help companies who have a Rails application but may be having some problems.

Rails Rescues aren’t limited to a fixed set of services but can include:

  • Scaling your website
  • Resolving site stability problems
  • Upgrading from an old version of Rails to current versions
  • Fixing Broken Code
  • Simplifying an out-of-control code base.
  • Finishing up after your contractor or employee left the project.
  • ….we’ll fix anything holding you back from a successful Rails web site.

I’m happy to offer a $500 finders fee for any referral sent that results in a sign Rails Rescues contract.  Please spread the word and visit the site. I will make myself available via live chat to answer any questions.



Apple iPad Air 2 – The iPad for Which I Have Been Waiting

When Apple announced the iPad Air 2 at it’s press event on October 16, 2014, I watched with interest to see what the new device had under the hood.  My current iPad Air constantly crashed (out-of-memory errors) running Safari with iOS 7 and I had been hoping they would bump the memory some.  The event disappointed and did not mention anything about more memory.

No where on the iPad Air 2 Tech Specs page can I find a single mention of memory. I decided to order one anyway.  The updated processor, Touch ID and other sensors made it hard to refuse.  I order the 128G space gray model with only WiFi this time, no cellular service.  If I need, I can use my iPhone cell service and save $20 a month.

It came in only 6 days after the announcement and it’s a beautiful device and does not disappoint in the hardware department. Just so other can confirm what rumors have mentioned:

IMG 0017

3 cores

IMG 0018

And most important, 2G memory

It’s a really nice upgrade, lots of little niceties and the one i really wanted.  Thanks Apple.

The Future is the Apple Watch


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Greener grass

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Swift Development Magazine

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Setup Swift REPL and Access from the Command Line


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Welcome Swift, I’ve Been Waiting For You


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Speeding up Heroku Deploys

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Subscribe to Posts Via Email


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AirPrint Where You Couldn’t AirPrint Before


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