Speeding up Heroku Deploys

Anyone who deploys their Rails 3.x or 4.x utilizing the asset pipeline and doesn’t precompile those assets yet deploys to Heroku, knows it can take a really long time for your deployment.

I searched around a bit and found a great article on how to shave some time off my Heroku deployments.  Alex MacCaw has a nice write up about the process:

If you’re using Heroku, the first step is enabling a Memcache addon. I’ve gone with the memcachier service, as they’ve got a generous free plan (which is all we need at this stage).

heroku addons:add memcachier:dev

Then we need to make sure the environmental variables are available to your app during the pre-compilation stage. Usually this isn’t the case on Heroku, but they’ve got a new labs feature called user-env-compile which will do the trick.

heroku labs:enable user-env-compile

Next you’ll need to add the dalli and memcachier gems to your Gemfile. Finally, the last step is to configure Sprockets.

Since I am using Rails:

With Rails

With Rails, just configure the assets cache store inconfig/environments/production.rb.

config.assets.cache_store =:dalli_store

And the time savings would be….

 An example of time saving with a relatively small project:

Not using the speed-up method, deploy time: 2 minutes 40 seconds

Using the above method: 47 seconds

It is definitely worth the little effort.

Subscribe to Posts Via Email

It seems more and more web sites are offering users to subscribe to updates delivered by email.  If you would rather have posts delivered right to your inbox instead of visiting the site or relying on RSS, you can now subscribe and forget.

Just add your email to the “Subscribe to Blog via Email”, submit and confirm your desire to subscribe in the confirmation email and thats it.  You can unsubscribe any time.


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