31 Great Days of iOS

It’s been a while since I had the time to post anything but I wanted to share this great summary post by Chris Risner of the Microsoft Azure team where he is focused on mobile.

Chris blogs each day in January about a specific topic iOS developers may face in their applications.  The post is titled 31 Days of iOS and each post is a detailed tutorial on a specific topic that day.  

Day 1: Getting set up for developing for iOS
Day 2: An inro to Objective-C
Day 3: Creating your first iOS App
Day 4: Working with Multiple View Controllers and Storyboards
Day 5: Programmatically showing View Controllers
Day 6: The Delegate Pattern
Day 7: Making Network Requests
Day 8: Performing Posts and Setting Request Type
Day 9: Handling Text Input
Day 10: Singletons and the AppDelegate
Day 11: Saving Data using NSUserDefaults
Day 12: CoreData
Day 13: The TableView
Day 14: The UIWebView
Day 15: Connecting to Built-In Apps
Day 16: Handling Device Orientation
Day 17: Using the Debug Console
Day 18: Opening your App from a Link
Day 19: Showing the User’s Location with Maps
Day 20: Displaying Info with Maps
Day 21: Using the Camera
Day 22: Using the Gallery
Day 23: Using Background Threads
Day 24: The View Life Cycle
Day 25: The Application Life Cycle
Day 26: Setting up Push Notifications
Day 27: Sending and Receiving Push Notifications
Day 28: Activity Indicators
Day 29: Advertising with iAd
Day 30: Adding Analytics to your Apps
Day 31: Submitting your App to Apple

Chris is speaking at CocoaConf DC in March, in case readers are planning on attending.  I will be there.

  • http://chrisrisner.com Chris

    Thanks for the post. Looking forward to meeting you in DC.

  • http://accidentaltechnologist.com Rob Bazinet

    Definitely looking forward to meeting in DC. See you there.