Introducing Note-It

Screenshot 1afaa9c247a71c1346fa2d51bf413fae

I’m happy to introduce my latest application for iOS devices, Note-It, is now available in the Apple App Store. This is a productivity utility I wrote for myself with the hopes others might find it useful as well.

The idea for Note-It was born as a solution to the way I research on the web on my iPad. I read articles in Google Reader, visit links from tweets on Twitter and copy URLs from the sites I visit in Safari. I often take these links and paste them in an email which I send to myself to be viewed later.

Note-It helps me be a bit more productive by cutting out some steps.

  • I can only send to one email address maintained in the Settings part of the app. When Note-It sends an email, it only uses this address. No more typing my email address.
  • My main use case is finding a URL or some block of text I want to save for later, copying and pasting in an email.

Note-It monitors the clipboard and when active, will ask if I want to use what’s in the clipboard and paste it into the current note.

There is only one note active at a time, put as much as you want to save and send it off.

A complete archive of sent notes is available in case you forgot what you sent previously.

The user interface is simple by design to compliment how simple the application actually is.