The Nature of Code


I love reading and I really love technical books.  Especially when the books are more computer science related as opposed to focused on specific programming languages or frameworks.  Technology I can apply anywhere really rocks.

I came across this new book by Daniel Shiffman titled The Nature of Code last week, it’s available to read online for free or better you can purchase the PDF (500+ pages) and support the author.  Print version coming…

This book is a collection of specific programming algorithms and computer science techniques.  Each chapter filled with geeky mathematics and physics goodness, including:

Each shows the mathematical formulas used for the particular topic, contextual definitions, code and some include running illustrations (online version running HTML5).  There are tons of other illustrations, definitions, graphs and a boatload of various information.

The examples are shown in the Processing language but don’t let that deter you. Any developer worth their salt can read virtually any language and Processing is a breeze.  

The information included in this book looks valuable for someone writing games or other applications needing complex math and physics.  I was really happy finding this resource…now to read it all.