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Exceptional ruby

I picked up a copy of the new book by Avdi Grimm titled Exceptional Ruby, an ebook entirely focused on best practices relating to error handling in Ruby.  I have to say it’s a great book and really goes into nice detail about a subject most developers treat as an afterthought.  From the book’s web site:

Exceptional Ruby is an in-depth guide to exceptions and failure handling in Ruby. Over 100 pages of content and dozens of working examples cover everything from the mechanics of how exceptions work to how to design a robust failure management architecture for your app or library. Whether you are a Ruby novice or a seasoned veteran, Exceptional Ruby will help you write cleaner, more resilient Ruby code.

I also had a chance to talk with Avdi about the book for InfoQ, please give it a read.

Readers can also receive a $3 discount off the already great price of $15, just go check out the interview to receive the discount.

  • Avdi Grimm

    Thanks, glad you’re enjoying it!