I Backed The Ruby 2.0 Walkthrough on Kickstarter and So Should You


It was announced at RubyConf that Ruby 2.0 would be released in February 2013 and a preview available immediately.  If you use rvm, you can try it out pretty easily.

The problem is, there are many changes coming.  How are you going to know what’s different from Ruby 1.9.x?  What about all the way back to 1.8.x?  I think it will take any one of us a significant amount of time to sort it all out, but it doesn’t have to.

There really is a rather simple answer; it’s a Kickstarter project by our Ruby friend Peter Cooper called The Ruby 2.0 Walkthrough.  Peter is looking for a small sum of money to help pay for his time to create this valuable asset.

What do you get?

Ruby 2.0 launches in February 2013 and at that time I’ll be selling the screencasts alone for $19 and the screencasts + e-book for $29. By backing the project now, you’ll get the same material for less and depending on what tier you go for you could get access to special bonuses and benefits that I WON’T be offering when it goes on general sale (like update e-mails, consultancy time or a limited PRINT edition). Also, having people pledge to the project will ensure I stick to it and get it done which is the main motivation for this campaign.

I am backing this project and so should you.  Why?  

  • The resource created will be valuable to everyone moving to Ruby 2.0.
  • The small amount of money to back the project will pay for itself in the time you save.  Minutes based on your hourly rate, I’m sure.
  • Peter would like your support.  He provides so much value to our community with his weekly newsletters for Ruby, JavaScript, HTML5 and others, that when someone so giving asks for support..it’s a no-brainer.
  • Peter needs the pressure from us, by raising the money to get it done.
Head over to Kickstarter and support The Ruby 2.0 Walkthrough.  Many less worthy projects have been funded.