Best Earphones Ever: Bose MIE2i Mobile Headset

I have been using an iPod or some such device for many years now.  Today I use an iPhone 4 to listen to podcasts during a daily hike and have had a hate-hate relationship with every set of earbud or earphones, whichever you prefer to call them.

It seems people use the earbuds that are shipped with every iPod and iPhone, but my personal experience with them is less than acceptable.  They often fall out of my ears at one point or another, I feel I need to be careful how I move or I risk one coming out.  Apple has some great designs, these are not one of them.

I decided to go with an in-ear earphone with the hopes seating in the ear canal would stay better, give better sound and get me away from Apple’s ear buds for good.

My requirements seemed really simple, let me listen to podcasts, stay in my ear and let me take/make calls on my iPhone.  

The first set of new earphones I tried were the Logitech Ultimate Ears.  These came as a recommendation so I figured I would give them a try.  Upon receiving them I immediately thought how great the design was and trying them for fit, they felt great.  Listening to a podcast with these was amazing, great noise-cancelling sound that was above and beyond what I expected.

The real test was using them on a hike.  At first these felt really good and I thought my problem was solved but as I started to sweat the very soft silicone earphones started to get slippery and nothing I could do would make them stay in my ears.  As I dried them off and reseated them, as I walked I could feel them slowly moving and eventually they fell out.

I did give these a fair shake over the next couple weeks, trying different things which included trying different size of the silicone adapters themselves but nothing worked, sweating eventually caused the earphones to dislodge.

I decided to ask around on Twitter again and got a single suggestion for Bose earphones.  Describing my dilemma the person said their wife used them and were very happy with them.  Unfortunately, they are pretty expensive at $130 but my frustrations seemed larger.  I ordered a pair and at first site they look pretty strange.

The model I ordered were the Bose MIE2i Mobile Headset.  You can see from the image that they are different looking.  They have a very unique way of partially going into the ear canal as well as hooking to the ear itself.  Very easy to put in and the Bose sound is incredible.  

Mie2i headset bw lg

I have had these earphones for about 2 months now and use them every day. Not once has one side come out or even remotely felt loose.   The sound is the best I have ever experienced and the controls work fantastic.  I have had several phone calls with them, both receiving calls and making them and they just work.

So, for anyone looking for a truly great set of earphones..look no further than these.  

  • Earphones

    Interesting points, if these are too expensive i have had good luck with the yurbuds line. 

  • l3it3r

    I got my set of yurbuds from the man who invented them at CES. They lasted about 2 months, and are decently comfortable, (ulimtately the cheap earbuds inside the unique plugs died and i replaced them with apple earbuds – they fit just fine) but they don’t hold a candle to the Bose MIE2i headphones. These are among the absolute best headphones I’ve ever tried, and I’ve used many different ones over the years.

  • Snocker15

    I can just agree. I’ve had many many in-ear headphones over the time but nothing is as good as this ones.

  • Rob Bazinet

    The Bose are the only ones I keep using. I have been through many brands and I can only recommend the Bose.