7 Great iOS and Mac Developer Podcasts to Learn from Today

I have quite an extensive list of podcast subscriptions in iTunes these days with much of my interest on iOS and Mac development.   Considering how iTunes is Apple, there are a lot of podcasts that have just stop producing content and gone away.  There are a comparable few podcasts dedicated to iOS.

I spend time looking for new podcasts and revisiting old ones trying to find ones with good content and who produce on a fairly regular basis.  I wanted to share my favorites with you, hopefully to help them keep producing.

These podcasts are developer podcasts but there really are two audiences; some are focused on the technical details of development while others are of interest to developers running a business around iOS and/or Mac software.  I’m sure there’s overlap here.

I think each and every one of these are great and I know you will find value in them as well.

Core Intuition

Core Intuition is hosted by Daniel Jalkut, developer of MarsEdit and Manton Reece.  This podcast had been on a bit of a hiatus with sparse updates over the past year but recently they have been producing regular episodes.  Mainly a podcast produced by Mac developers with little iOS discussion, the topics are applicable to most developers in the Apple community.

Episodes run about 45 minutes and usually focused on a handful of topics like the Mac App Store, sandboxing and dealing with customers.  Top notch for sure and well thought out dialog.

Edge Cases

This podcast is relatively new and hosted by Andrew Pontious and Wolf Rentzsch.  They discuss topics appealing to both Mac and iOS developers ranging from Core Data to Sandboxing and the future of developing for Apple products.

Episodes are about 45 minutes in length and pretty rich in technical content.  The podcast started in May and they already have 8 great episodes out as of the time I write this.

Wolf is the creator of Mogenerator and other tools.

Developing Perspective

Developing Perspective is produced by solo developer David Smith who is an iOS and Mac developer.  Episodes run about 15 minutes and talk about very specific topics that all Apple developers think about one time or another.  These include the path to independence, developer’s machine and going to WWDC.

I discovered this podcast a short time ago and it is one that I anxiously await new episodes.  It seems every episodes resonates with me.   David has a great radio voice too, calm and soothing.

iDeveloper Live

This podcast is run by Steve “Scotty” Scott and company have been doing this podcast for what seems like an eternity.  Most of these shows run about an hour and cover various topics like open source, Apple (of course) and interviews with various developers known in the Mac community.  Many of these interviews cover specific topics the developer is very familiar with.

Listeners can tune into the live show and participate in the chat room as well as find updates on Twitter.  The episodes are always entertaining and full of great information.


Saul Mora is the creator and producer of these great interviews with Mac and iOS developers as well as people funning Apple-focused software companies.  The podcasts run almost an hour and Saul knows just the right questions to ask and knows enough about the technology to make really useful insights.

Recent episodes include chats with Jamiee Newbery from Black Pixel while on a plane.  Every episode is different and every episode contains valuable insight.

I met Saul at CocoaConf in DC a short time ago and he is a great guy doing these great interviews.

Build and Analyze

Marco Arment and Dan Benjamin host Build and Analyze, which is a bit of a different podcast.  Marco runs Instapaper and much of hour plus episodes discuss trials and tribulations of running Instapaper.  The insider view is really helpful and I pick up a lot of great tips.

I have to warn that sometimes, just sometimes, they get off on long tangents about coffee, cars and kids.  Although not directly applicable to running a application business, it can be entertaining.


Ben Scheirman is .NET developer turned Ruby on Rails and iOS developer who created NSScreencast, which is not technically a podcast, but I thought it would add some good value to this list.  Although not free, at $9 a month, it is bargain.  Each screencast goes into detail about how to use a particular feature of Xcode or of iOS development in general.

Topics such as how to implement Pull to Refresh, using Storyboards, Provisioning to HTTP caching and setting up a CI server.  Each episode ranging from 10-30 minutes, perfect for those suffering from short attention span.


I listen and watch each of these and love them all.  I’ve learned a ton about he iOS and Mac developer community by just listening.

  • Dave Klein

    Excellent list. Thanks!

  • http://www.lisgo.org/ Non Umemoto

    Thanks for the list, I only knew about Build and Analyze.

  • S. Mark

    Great list, Thanks!

    Anyone with .NET experience might want to check out Josh Smith’s new book iOS Programming for .NET Developers
    I’ve read the first few chapters and it’s really good.

    Here is the link http://ijoshsmith.com/ios-for-dotnet-devs/

  • http://twitter.com/jcsextro John Sextro

    You should also check out iOhYes.  iOhYes is a podcast about issues affecting iOS developers discussed by iOS developers.  You can find the podcast on iTunes and at http://iOhYesPodcast.com

  • http://www.accidentaltechnologist.com Rob Bazinet

    Thanks for the heads up on that one John.  I will definitely check it out.

  • Jaco Pretorius

    You’ve got a typo – it’s ‘Developing Perspective’, not ‘DevelopMing Perspective’

  • http://www.accidentaltechnologist.com Rob Bazinet

    Thank you! And fixed.

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